We do more than simply a hearing test for hearing aids.

We do more than simply a hearing test for hearing aids.

Hearing test

Comprehensive Hearing Assessment For Adults

Our principal audiologist will complete a comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessment (hearing test) at your initial appointment. During the consultation...


Tinnitus Assessment And Management

Tinnitus management is important. The characteristics and hearing thresholds vary among individuals requiring tinnitus assessment and management. Here’s an...

Selecting Hearing Devices

Hearing Aid Fitting

We offer a full range of hearing devices from all major hearing aid manufacturers to suit your level of...

Children’s hearing test

Children’s Hearing Assessment (5+)

Our hearing assessments for children are comprehensive and are specifically for children. Younger children perform a modified version of...

Hearing Screening

Free Hearing Screenings For Adults

A free 15 minute hearing check is fast and simplistic way of checking your hearing. It is not a...

Hearing Device After Care

Hearing Device After Care

Annual Aftercare and Review Hearing device after care is essential. It is important to us that you remain happy...

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