Children’s Hearing Assessment (5+)

Children’s hearing test

Children’s Hearing Assessment (5+)

Our hearing assessments for children are comprehensive and are specifically for children. Younger children perform a modified version of audiometry. Children under 6 will learn to play a listening game instead of pressing the button when they hear a sound.

Our Audiologist works quickly with the child to obtain as much information as possible about their hearing. The aim is to determine if the child’s hearing is within the normal range for each ear.

Children from the age of 6 can perform the standard testing conducted with adults.

Middle ear pathology, commonly known as “glue ear”, is a main cause of hearing difficulty in childhood. So, middle ear tests are always measured in children. This is a temporary condition. A combination of time, medication, and/or minor surgery to insert grommets (by an ENT specialist) is usually enough.

Noosa Hearing offers a child friendly environment to ensure you and your child feel comfortable during the hearing assessment. Our principal audiologist, Deidré is a mother to two young children of her own.

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