Tinnitus Assessment And Management


Tinnitus Assessment And Management

Tinnitus management is important. The characteristics and hearing thresholds vary among individuals requiring tinnitus assessment and management.

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Remember, tinnitus is a symptom, not a disease. It is important that an audiologist assesses your hearing if you suffer from tinnitus. Addressing tinnitus appropriately is important.

Therefore, a detailed case history is necessary to learn about your hearing and tinnitus and how it affects you. So, the case history includes a tinnitus reaction questionnaire (TRQ). It also includes an audiological and tinnitus assessment. This allows the audiologist to gain a better understanding your specific issue. This helps identify the most appropriate form of tinnitus management.

An audiological assessment identifies the degree of hearing loss in one or both ears. A tinnitus assessment involves matching the pitch and volume of a pure tone presented through the audiometer to the patient’s perceived tinnitus.

Our audiologist provides counselling once the assessment is completed. The audiologist will also discuss the different forms of tinnitus management as well as what the most suitable form may be for you. If Noosa Hearing is not able to treat you with the best form of management appropriate for you, we will direct you to the most experienced professional in the area.

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